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Knights of Good

The Guild is a pretty awesome show. The lead character (Codex) is a socially awkward, video game obsessed ginger going through all sorts of shenanigans. I felt I could really relate to this character, being that I am also a socially awkward, video game obsessed ginger (with slightly less shenanigans). After rewatching the 5th season, I figured that doing nails based on the outfits of the Knights of Good would be awesome. Well, minus Bladezz because I only have 5 fingers on a hand, and his outfit wasn’t as cool as the rest.

It was also tough, especially since I had none of the necessary colors needed (despite a massive nail polish collection) so everything had to be mixed. I also bumped my wet fingernails on everything within a 5-foot radius, causing loads of heartbreak and anger. I just hope that I did the design justice.


Nuclear Launch Detected

I have an odd love-hate relationship with Starcraft 2. On one hand, I find it to be the most entertaining thing to watch. Yet despite my love for Starcraft 2 as a spectator sport, I can’t handle playing.

Sure, I’ve tried. I watched the Day[9] dailies, studied techniques and guides, and practiced a lot. But I honestly suck. I hate to admit it, but the highest I got in 1v1 was silver. I lose games because I freak out and think my 70 marines can’t handle a couple void rays, or I convince myself that my 5 marauders can take on a swarm of 30 zerglings. Forever a n00b.

But enough about my inadequacies in SC2.

These were probably the toughest nails I’ve ever done. The minerals and vespene gas were easy. I got the Terran logo pretty quickly, but I must have redone the Zerg and Protoss logo about 10 times each. The Zerg one was especially tough because of the crazy shape of the logo. Also I kept making the Protoss logo look like a bat symbol. Well, it doesn’t matter too much. Everyone knows that Terran is the only race that really matters.

Minerals and vespene background: Alpine Snow from OPI

Protoss logo: Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear

Zerg logo: Play Date from Essie

Terran logo: Sun Sational from Ulta

Minerals and protoss detailing: Coastal Surf from Revlon Colorstay

Mineral detailing: Indigo Night from Revlon Colorstay

Vespene gas: Mixture of Green With Envy from Sally Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear and Starboard from China Glaze

Logo backgrounds: Liquid Leather from China Glaze

Come on, fhqwhgads

Homestar Runner is one of those silly things that I’ve loved but never understood why. It’s just… goofy. But so awesome, particular the Strong Bad Emails. I still check once in a while to see if there are new ones, but there never are. So instead, I do nails.



My cuticles are atrocious but I had to post this. I haven’t been able to recreate Strong Bad or Homestar quite the same since then. Maybe I was just in a magical mood, having gotten pumped up from listening from Trogdor all day. True story.

You never forget your first… handheld console

Me and my Game Boy have been through a lot together. Days on the playground trading Pokemon. Nights spent curled up under my sheets, propping a flashlight between my chin and shoulder so my parents wouldn’t know that I was staying up past my bedtime. Afternoons wasted away, laying in the grass trying to beat that frustrating last level of Wario Land 2. I never did beat it.



Maybe it’s just the child that still resides deep within my soul, but I still maintain that the Game Boy (and Game Boy Color) was the best handheld console ever. I’ve gotten other ones since then, but none bring the same magic and joy that my clear-cased GB and hot pink GBC brought me.

Enough nostalgia though.

Most of the colors in this mani were mixed by me, with the exception of a couple:

Gray: Sea Spray from China Glaze

Buttons: Firm Fig from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Special thanks to Nikki from lacquerdaisical for helping me with my pesky cuticles. She’s another wonderful source if you love nerdy nail art!

Stay a while and listen.

I blame Diablo 2 for sucking up all my free time. I’ve been so pumped for Diablo 3 that I’ve basically ignored every other video game and thrown myself back into making the best Meteorb Sorceress ever.

I’m a terrible pack rat in real life, but especially in game. I build up loads and loads of runes. I don’t care how crappy they are, I must have them all. It’s the weirdest obsession. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes like 14 trillion El runes to make a Zod so it’s not even worth keeping the small stuff. Yet I continue to let my inventory fill.

The base color is Cemented from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and the black detailing is Liquid Leather from China Glaze. The base isn’t as accurate of a color as I’d like but it did the trick. Also, I’m cringing at my terrible cuticles. Thanks a lot, winter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do a few dozen more Countess runs.


Since I’ve done so many nail designs in the past that I (obviously) haven’t put up yet, I’m going to slowly but surely post them. I did this one about a month ago:

I love Star Trek. Like, really really love Star Trek. So naturally, I had to honor the epicness with a manicure. I tried to get decent accuracy with matching the proper logo/uniform colors but it ended up a bit smudgier than I anticipated. Next time I attempt this, I’ll probably try and get the Enterprise on my thumbnail instead of just the stars… but that’s easier said than done.

I’ll trade you two wheat for a brick

I figured I’d start off this blog with one of my favorite designs I’ve ever done. It’s my favorite partly because I love Catan, and partly because Wil Wheaton retweeted it and said it was awesome. My Trekkie heart is still fluttering madly.

Settlers of Catan is basically the best board game that has ever existed. It’s infuriating and leaves me hating myself and my friends afterwards, because things get very personal very fast. It’s amazing. So what better game to pay tribute to?

To get this manicure, I had to mix basically every color myself, minus the base color. The base colors are:

Yellow: Sun Sational from Ulta

Light green: Green with Envy from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

Dark green: Holly-day from China Glaze

Red: Brownstone from China Glaze

Gray: Steely Gaze from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Nude: Stonewall from Sally Hansen Hard as Nail