Stay a while and listen.

I blame Diablo 2 for sucking up all my free time. I’ve been so pumped for Diablo 3 that I’ve basically ignored every other video game and thrown myself back into making the best Meteorb Sorceress ever.

I’m a terrible pack rat in real life, but especially in game. I build up loads and loads of runes. I don’t care how crappy they are, I must have them all. It’s the weirdest obsession. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes like 14 trillion El runes to make a Zod so it’s not even worth keeping the small stuff. Yet I continue to let my inventory fill.

The base color is Cemented from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and the black detailing is Liquid Leather from China Glaze. The base isn’t as accurate of a color as I’d like but it did the trick. Also, I’m cringing at my terrible cuticles. Thanks a lot, winter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do a few dozen more Countess runs.


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  1. LOL I also collect every stupid rune though I’ve yet to do anything with them! My danged inventory is STUFFED! 😀

    Love the nails, glad to see another nerd out here in nail land!! 😉

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