Nuclear Launch Detected

I have an odd love-hate relationship with Starcraft 2. On one hand, I find it to be the most entertaining thing to watch. Yet despite my love for Starcraft 2 as a spectator sport, I can’t handle playing.

Sure, I’ve tried. I watched the Day[9] dailies, studied techniques and guides, and practiced a lot. But I honestly suck. I hate to admit it, but the highest I got in 1v1 was silver. I lose games because I freak out and think my 70 marines can’t handle a couple void rays, or I convince myself that my 5 marauders can take on a swarm of 30 zerglings. Forever a n00b.

But enough about my inadequacies in SC2.

These were probably the toughest nails I’ve ever done. The minerals and vespene gas were easy. I got the Terran logo pretty quickly, but I must have redone the Zerg and Protoss logo about 10 times each. The Zerg one was especially tough because of the crazy shape of the logo. Also I kept making the Protoss logo look like a bat symbol. Well, it doesn’t matter too much. Everyone knows that Terran is the only race that really matters.

Minerals and vespene background: Alpine Snow from OPI

Protoss logo: Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear

Zerg logo: Play Date from Essie

Terran logo: Sun Sational from Ulta

Minerals and protoss detailing: Coastal Surf from Revlon Colorstay

Mineral detailing: Indigo Night from Revlon Colorstay

Vespene gas: Mixture of Green With Envy from Sally Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear and Starboard from China Glaze

Logo backgrounds: Liquid Leather from China Glaze


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