I’d tap that

Ahh, Magic the Gathering. Such fun. Such strategy. Such a frustrating yet complex game. Also potentially expensive if you aren’t careful. Confessing that I play MTG gets me more strange looks than nearly every other one of my nerdy hobbies, but I can’t say I care. I have had a lot of fun over the years with MTG, even though the only people I could play with were 3-4 years younger than me. The only time I ever got in trouble for staying out past curfew was for playing MTG until 2:00 AM with my friend’s younger brothers and cousins (yes, I was a really lame teenager). Totally worth it.

For those who might not exactly know what this is, I recreated the basic land cards that are necessary to play the game. The bottom frame features the land’s symbol, and the top frame has some sort of picture that corresponds with it (and often follows the theme of the deck). From left to right, it’s Island, Forest, Plains, Swamp, and the thumb is Mountains. I tried to base the top frames after the ones on the cards I own, but that was incredibly tricky. Hopefully you can tell what they are!

I wish I played more. I kind of slowed down once my husband started consistently smashing my artifact/time spiral-ish deck with his overpowered sliver deck. I’m a bit of a sore loser…


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  1. Great detail, though the Colors are out of Order. 😦
    It goes White(Plains), Blue(Island), Black(Swamp), Red(Mountain), Green(Forest).
    This thematic order is both seen in sets number order and artwork design throughout Magic.

    • Heh, I wondered if I would end up getting called out on something like this.

      My color order came down to complexity of design and the size of my nail. Like, it was tough enough getting the plains logo on my middle finger. Having it on my pinky would make it look like even more of a blob. Same with mountain or forest.

  2. THIS. IS. SO COOL!!!!!

  3. You have successfully made me desire acrylic nails so that I can have this too. Also, if you want to stomp a Sliver deck: make a creature themed deck that gives +1/1 to that creature type (mine is Merfolk) add to it Amoeboid Changelings (1blue +1, Lorwyn C), The changelings get the Merfolk and Sliver bonuses. On it’s best day, my changeling hit for 510 points of damage, and couldn’t be blocked by Slivers.

  4. Regardless of the color order, I think their…. EPIC!!!!

  5. Curious Artist

    What did you use to do this?

  6. “basic land cards that are necessary to play the game.” Challenge accepted! Now where are my artifact lands… Lovely nails btw 😀

  7. This would be so cool to do with my nails! I wish I was as talented as you! 😀

  8. These are insanely awesome. Mind=blown. You are my hero, and I will be trying this! I will try not to cry when i botch it… maybe I should be less ambitious and just do them all like the backs of the cards first… maybe try one like yours as an accent nail… *excited*

    • Thank you so much!! 😀

      Some people have talked about just doing the land symbol on each nail, which might be worth a shot. And make sure you have a small enough brush! Makes everything so much easier.

      • Hmm, interesting… with so many options, maybe I’ll just switch it up all random-like, use the easier styles on the smaller nails, etc.

        While I’ve got your ear; I have now ‘followed’ you on Twitter, but I’m not on much. I am constantly on Facebook, though, and would love to be able to ‘share’ your designs! Are you around on there at all? I’m still learning how to use Twitter. *cough*

  9. I just posted 2 photos on my facebook(linked to my name here) of my new MTG nails! Not as good as yours, but not too shabby if I do say so myself… *pats self on back*

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