Monthly Archives: July 2012

My hand has flashback

So, have I mentioned how much I love Magic the Gathering?

After doing my last MtG nails, I had a lot of people on both Facebook and reddit suggest that I should have done just the symbols. Also got a lot of comments about how it wasn’t in WUBRG order. So I took both suggestions to heart and did another version of my nails that are just symbols and in WUBRG order (starting at the plains in the middle). And then added glitter because I’m not a person that is content with simplicity, and glitter is awesome.


Magic the Gathering might just be the most amazing game ever. It has completely replaced Munchkin and Catan as our weekly game night top pick, and I find it difficult not to spend every penny of my paycheck on boosters and cards. Money well spent, though.


Cross into the Blue

EDIT (July 19th): This is a way moodier post than what I intended. I don’t want it to sound like I am unhappy about my brother joining the Air Force. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t be happier. Just the thought of him being about 1,400 miles away with limited forms of communication is tough. He will always be my little baby brother, but I have to accept that he is a man now… and I couldn’t be prouder of the little bugger.


It’s been way too long since a post. Between final semester of college, graduating, getting a job, moving, getting a dog… I’ve been busy. I haven’t forgotten about this blog nor am I intending to neglect. Being swamped plus lack of inspiration isn’t good for creativity.

So, this post isn’t featuring super nerdy nails, but instead something that’s super important to me.


My little brother leaves for US Air Force basic training in a few days. I can’t really think about much else, so I had no choice but to do Air Force nails. I guess a lot of people in the Air Force are kind of nerdy, so maybe that makes my nails nerdy in a way.

Probably not, but I figured that it was a good way to let people know that I haven’t stopped blogging and I hopefully will be posting new stuff soon.