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You never forget your first… handheld console

Me and my Game Boy have been through a lot together. Days on the playground trading Pokemon. Nights spent curled up under my sheets, propping a flashlight between my chin and shoulder so my parents wouldn’t know that I was staying up past my bedtime. Afternoons wasted away, laying in the grass trying to beat that frustrating last level of Wario Land 2. I never did beat it.



Maybe it’s just the child that still resides deep within my soul, but I still maintain that the Game Boy (and Game Boy Color) was the best handheld console ever. I’ve gotten other ones since then, but none bring the same magic and joy that my clear-cased GB and hot pink GBC brought me.

Enough nostalgia though.

Most of the colors in this mani were mixed by me, with the exception of a couple:

Gray: Sea Spray from China Glaze

Buttons: Firm Fig from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Special thanks to Nikki from lacquerdaisical for helping me with my pesky cuticles. She’s another wonderful source if you love nerdy nail art!