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Curse! Chicken on Your Head

I seem to have an odd love for games that make me question my friendships. Munchkin is one of those games. Alliances and enemies are decided quickly, then broken, then reforged. Insane card combinations and moves have us consulting our smartphones so we can get a rule check. No two games have been the same or ever will be the same. It’s honestly one of the best card games ever.

I chose to do some of my favorite cards that weren’t impossible for me to draw on a nail, and what I felt truly represented Munchkin. I chose to do the Duck of Doom(because it’s oddly quirky) , the Horny Helmet (because of the awesome name), the Net Troll (because he’s hilarious), and the Boots of Butt-Kicking (again, awesome name). On my thumb I just went with the classic Door card.

Munchkin has been a wonderful addition to my usually Settlers of Catan-filled gaming nights. It’s definitely a different dynamic and requires you to be a lot meaner in order to win. It mixes things up in an good way, and I suggest everyone try it out.

Also, I have to thank fellow nerdy nail art enthusiast Nikki at lacquerdaisical for introducing me to the game, and being my only ally. Without her, I would never have experienced all the joys and sorrows of Munchkin.