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Knights of Good

The Guild is a pretty awesome show. The lead character (Codex) is a socially awkward, video game obsessed ginger going through all sorts of shenanigans. I felt I could really relate to this character, being that I am also a socially awkward, video game obsessed ginger (with slightly less shenanigans). After rewatching the 5th season, I figured that doing nails based on the outfits of the Knights of Good would be awesome. Well, minus Bladezz because I only have 5 fingers on a hand, and his outfit wasn’t as cool as the rest.

It was also tough, especially since I had none of the necessary colors needed (despite a massive nail polish collection) so everything had to be mixed. I also bumped my wet fingernails on everything within a 5-foot radius, causing loads of heartbreak and anger. I just hope that I did the design justice.